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Emergency? No Problem!

My Maid Emergency Cleaning Service

The My Maid emergency cleaning professionals are available for all your urgent cleaning needs. My Maid 911 is the culmination of all that is offered in the Heavy-Duty division with the added benefit of getting the service done RIGHT NOW! All My Maid emergency cleaning professionals must have passed the My Maid 911 Cheap Jerseys Eco Green Maid (red) Certification, and the My Maid heavy-duty Eco Green Maid Certification.

Why Choose My Maid for Emergency Cleaning?

My Maid 911 Emergency Cleaning Service – where nothing is left to chance. Teaming up hockey jerseys with a group of professionals can be a great comfort when faced with a 911 urgent cleaning job, especially with all the household finishes available today! My Maid uses specialized Heavy-Duty cleaning equipment in order to properly sanitize any surface, regardless of its finish. Whether it is your imported wooden furniture, a special sculpture, or walls painted with special finishes, it is imperative to have the right product to clean different surfaces. Nowadays, it is extremely easy to damage a surface finish by using the wrong cleaner or the wrong equipment!

You had a dinner or birthday party and you had a fantastic time. It is the end of the evening and all your guests have left. Your regular maid is scheduled to come during the week.
You have three choices. Clean the mess yourself even if you are exhausted, wait for your regular maid to come even if it means you will have to live in a cluttered house for a few days or simply call The My Maid 911 cleaning professionals to come and clean RIGHT NOW!

Visitors are showing up unexpectedly!
You did a party at home and your parents are coming back earlier than expected.Your wife is coming back with the kids from visiting her mom and left you in charge of the house….
Call the À LA CARTE 911 RUSH cleaning professionals from My Maid RIGHT NOW!

Dad made his famous spaghetti sauce or your youngest experimented with pancake making for breakfast, don’t worry, call My Maid and let the À LA CARTE 911 RUSH cleaning professionals handle it.

MY MAID 911 RUSH FOR THE ROMANTIC cleaning service.
Jennifer left in the morning and the house was a mess. She returned from work dreading the house work ahead of her. To her amazement, every room in the house was spotless. She even saw a rose on her pillow! Who could have done this wonderful thing, my Robert? He worked all day, how could it be?
Robert called MY MAID 911 RUSH FOR THE ROMANTIC cleaning cheap ray bans service, we went to his office and picked up the house key and some details of what Jennifer likes. Did our usual My Maid magic and after the home was spotless we purchased a Rose (her favorite flower) to put on her pillow along with our delicious My Maid chocolates.  We took photos of the before and after and delivered him back his key with photos.


Fill out the form below and we will call you asap. If you need immediate assistance, call us at 855 MAID MAID (624-3624)

Frequency Desired —WeeklyBi-WeeklyMonthlyOne TimeMove In or Move Out

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Service911 Rush ServiceHeavy-Duty ServiceLive-In/Out ServiceOffice Cleaning


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The whole experience was wonderful! There is nothing like coming home from work to a clean home that looks as good as it smells!

Amy R.

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We LOVE coming home to a clean house after a long day at work. The staff is easy to get a hold cheap jerseys of and the customer service is great!

Laura D.

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Consistent service – cleaning is always good. Girls are great!

Sam P.

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I love that I can spend more time with my husband and kids and less time stressing over getting the house cleaned up.

Natalie C.

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The professionalism the maids show is outstanding. They come in, they know what they need to do and it gets done. Simple as that!


#1 Cleaning Service in Ontario!

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