Franchise Opportunities

Our Advantage

My Maid franchise opportunities are available. My Maid has six fundamental components that help Targach you grow your franchise business faster. Learn about My Maid, and the exciting difference of a My Maid franchise.

1. My Maid knows the market place

My Maid is one of the oldest maid service businesses in Ontario (GTA) and is proud to celebrate 32 years of shared success with My Maid franchise partners.

2. My Maid supplies new franchisees with their initial clients

The company provides clients right from the start in a protected territory.

3. My Maid helps with ongoing client recruitment

My Maid has powerful strategic marketing partners and marketing tools forged right here in Ontario. The company has decades of experience, and some of the lowest new client acquisition costs in the industry.

4. My Maid is green conscious

Franchisees will receive training for Eco Green Maid Certification in cutting-edge green technology.

5. My Maid Opportunities

My Maid operates two concepts and four specialty services. While each is unique, they all share the same approach to filling a niche market with clients’ needs as the focal point.

6. My Maid CRM software

My Maid uses a Customer Relationship Management software (MY MAID CRM) with fully integrated accounting, client and oakley outlet employee scheduling, and marketing. The My Maid CRM system makes it easy for you to manage your My Maid franchise growth, and gives you a competitive edge in marketing, sales, and employee management and customer service, all from anywhere, and in real time.

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